Sustainability at Bose

A message from our President and COO

Jim Scammon, President and Chief Operating Officer

“While the past year tested us, we’ve emerged stronger and more resilient. We faced many challenges that deepened our understanding of each other, the communities we live in and the planet we share”.

Jim Scammon

President and Chief Operating Officer

Our response to COVID-19

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our top priority has been ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our employees as well as their families. While we were taking decisive steps to protect and support our people, they were working tirelessly to ensure the continuity of our global operations and to support COVID-19 relief efforts in our communities. The success of these efforts demonstrates the resilience and perseverance of our employees and our business.

Our approach to sustainability

We aspire to infuse sustainability into our day-to-day work across the company, so that it shapes our thinking and the way we do business.

Bose 2021 Sustainability Report cover

Sustainability reports

The 2021 Sustainability Report shares our most impactful sustainability activities over the past two years. We invite you to read our current and past publications to learn more about the progress we are making.

Responsible supply chain

Building Bose products and delivering them to market requires a global system of suppliers, contract manufacturers and distributors. To ensure our values of doing business ethically, responsibly and with integrity extend to the furthest touchpoints in our supply chain, we are continuously monitoring to ensure that each of our suppliers meets our environmental, social and governance standards.

Supporting renewable energy

In 2018, a 1.7 MW solar array went online at our Framingham, Massachusetts headquarters. The system brings enough electricity onto the grid to power a substantial portion of our Framingham campus, which helps Massachusetts meet its renewable energy goals.