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Inside the releases of our new true wireless noise cancelling earbuds, Bluetooth® sport earbuds, and expanded Bose Frames line of Bose Open Ear Audio™ sunglasses. Plus, a glimpse at what might be next in the world of Bose audio.

What it takes to innovate

Twenty years ago, Bose released the first QuietComfort® noise cancelling headphones to mainstream consumers after years of development and research. Since then, we’ve continued a legacy of research, development and innovation with each new release of headphones, next level of noise cancelling technology and expansion into new areas of audio—like wireless earbuds that don’t even go in your ears. Through it all, we’ve stayed true to Dr. Bose’s passion and vision: advancement through research and insights at our very core. A commitment that sets us apart but also holds us to a different standard, despite the added time or effort that might take.

The much-anticipated release of our first true wireless in-ear noise cancelling earbuds is a testament to the rigorous lengths our engineers, designers and product managers go. We strive to predict the needs, wants and concerns of customers while also meeting our own high standards that go above and beyond.

To introduce our latest innovations, we’re also sharing a few unpublished details and stories from inside Bose.


Bose sport earbuds

We took all the good—and addressed the not so good—of what customers had to say about our SoundSport Free wireless headphones. Then went about creating a wireless in-ear sport headphone that felt good, looked good and sounded amazing. We maintained the “full” and “rich” sound and comfort that users loved—and made it even better with our new StayHear™ Max eartips that provide an exceptionally stable, secure fit and a gentle seal to ensure high-quality audio performance.

Balancing function, performance and design

One of the biggest hurdles engineers and designers faced was reducing the overall size of the earbuds and creating a slimmer profile. The result is new true wireless sport earbuds that are 40% smaller than the original SoundSport Free headphones, all in a sleek oval form that sits closer to the ear without sacrificing audio performance.

In addition to the audio performance, comfort and stability our SoundSport Free earbuds are known for, this smaller and sleeker version promises new features. Among them are intuitive touch controls and access to your choice of the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. In short, everything you need to power through the day.

“We’re very hard on ourselves and hold ourselves to a really high standard … there’s industry standard tests—then there are our [Bose] tests.” 

—Denise Celuch, Product Manager

But it’s in the unshared details that Bose really stands apart. We knew that sport earbuds meant factoring in “sweaty humans”. And because sweat contains salt that’s corrosive to the inside of buds, we kept ease of use in mind as well as protection of key components. Currently, there are no industry standards for sweat testing. So, the engineers at Bose created their own rigorous sweat tests. They developed a “sweaty finger test” that simulates real-life scenarios and interactions where perspiration might interfere with performance, like double-tapping and using on-bud touch controls when digits are slick with perspiration. Right down to what happens when hair of different lengths drips sweat onto the buds. While the tests are far from glamorous, they certainly show our dedication to going above and beyond the industry standard.


The first Bose in-ear headphones in 2006 were the start of what would evolve into our line of sport headphones. The SoundSport wired headphones were active-user favourites for over a decade before being retired with the SoundSport wireless headphones release in 2016. Not even a year later came the Bose SoundSport Free, our very first true wireless headphones. But while headphone technology continued to evolve, we always made sure the secure, comfortable fit that had amassed so many loyal fans from the start was ever-present—and only getting better with each new release.

SIE2 sport headphones

Bose QuietComfort® 35 II Gaming Headset

Our first-ever noise cancelling gaming headset with boom mic has finally arrived, much to the glee of gamers everywhere. Now you can enjoy a best-in-class noise cancelling gaming headset with detachable boom mic to easily transition from marathon gaming to everyday use. We know how important comfort, voice pickup, connection and clarity are to the gaming community. We also know that many of you had already found creative ways to use our Bose QuietComfort® line as wired gaming headsets. So, we followed your lead and built a comfortable gaming headset with your gamer specs in mind. So much so that even Mr. Video Game himself, Lamar Jackson, dons a pair of the QC35 II Gaming Headset before slipping into his digital self on Madden Live. 

For those of you who got wind of “Tibbers”, our project code name for the QC35 II Gaming Headset, you’d be correct to think it has everything to do with League of Legends. In fact, the name came out of the transformation from everyday noise cancelling headphones to full-on gaming headset with a pop of the mic. Much like the beloved stuffed bear turned fiery protector that belongs to Annie, everyone’s favourite dark child. Just goes to show everything is playable in our world. Catch Bose on the minds—and heads—of gamers worldwide, and we’re proud to be the Official Headset of LoL Esports Global Events. #PlayEverything

SoundComm B30 Headset


Some might say we’re a bit late to the land of PC and console video games. We’d argue we’re right on time. QC customers are already using their headsets for gaming but want a better microphone to connect and be heard. Combining our category-defining audio quality, noise cancelling technology and experience in real-time communications (aviation, sports, live events), we created a dual-purpose gaming headset that we think will be a game-changer for you.

Bose Frames with OpenAudio™ technology




There’s something to be said about maturity. With it comes experience, wisdom and the confidence to push even further. All of which is reflected in the 2nd generation of Bose Frames. And let it be said, age looks good on our latest audio sunglasses. Three distinctive Bose Frames join the line-up of fashion-forward open-ear audio: Bose Frames Tempo, high-performance sport sunglasses made for the high-performing athlete; Bose Frames Soprano, a fresh, retro-glam take on the timeless cat eye; and Bose Frames Tenor, a modern, refined square with enduring, classic appeal.

With this latest release of open-ear audio sunglasses, there’s a depth of experience that can be seen in the development, details and delicate balance of tech with artisanal craftsmanship. The team had to master form, function and facial design elements without sacrificing the astonishing, lifelike quality of sound. Which meant having to adapt, iterate and explore new materials that looked and performed as well as or better than the glossy acetate used by most frames and would mould to your face shape over time. Not ideal when trying to keep miniaturised audio components stable and securely in place. Or how to expand the range and repertoire of Bose Frames by leveraging classic silhouettes, but with a distinct Bose element and fresh take that doesn’t alter—but elevates—the overall design and aesthetic.

A collage of Bose Frames
SoundWear Companion speaker


Inspiration can come from even the most unlikely places, like Project Sippy Cup. Aptly code-named, it sparked the idea of an open, out-loud audio device, yet didn’t “spill”, just like the cup itself. And became known as Bose OpenAudio™ technology, first introduced in Bose SoundWear and perfected in our Bose Frames sunglasses.


Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

While the Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 aren’t a new release, we can’t seem to stop innovating and thinking of what’s new and next. Our most popular over-ear headphone said to be the “most desirable ANC headphones on the market” now also come in a work-ready pro model. Say hello to the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 UC that come bundled with our Bose USB Link Bluetooth module for convenient, pre-paired wireless connections for conference calls and collaborating. So, you can easily go into work mode any time, anywhere. Plus, when bundled together, the headphones and module are Microsoft Teams certified, as well as compatible with Google Meet and Zoom.

Now, for the many who can’t get enough of the sleek design of our popular ANC Headphones 700, they’re now available in Triple Midnight. A fantastic alternative to the traditional Black or Silver that looks and sounds amazing. 

Every day made better

We’re also amazed at how people are incorporating Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones into their lives. From making calls while out and about, to self-care and moments of silence, to making the most of working from home. People are using wireless noise cancelling headphones for more than just work or listening to music. They’re finding new ways to tune in and focus when needed, or tune out the ambient noises of the world around them. We can’t wait to hear what you come up with next.


Audio for life

There’s an evolution in audio underway. Whether it’s using sound in new ways and new areas of our everyday life or soothing a racing mind, finding a space to relax or helping secure a good night’s sleep, we’re bringing our spirit of invention and ingenuity to the forefront. And exploring new territories around health and audio, pushing OpenAudio™ technology to the next level. It’s all up ahead, so check back for updates on what’s new, now and next inside our world of sound.

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