Bose Connect app does not detect device

Determine whether the issue is related to the app or the product to be paired
Try pairing the product to another device or to the same device but without using the Bose Connect app. For more info, see Connecting mobile devices. If the product still does not pair, see Unable to connect with mobile device.

Close and reopen the Bose app
Closing apps varies by device and operating system. On most iOS devices, double-tap the home button to view running apps, swipe left or right to find the app and swipe up on the app to close it. On many Android devices, press the Recent button to view running apps and swipe away the Connect app to close it.

Reboot the Bluetooth®-enabled device
The device may have malfunctioned and might need to be reset. This is typically done by turning the device off and, if possible, removing the battery for 15 seconds. Reinstall the battery (if removable) and turn on the device.

For Android 6 devices, enable location services
Android 6 needs a location permission and location service enabled to scan for Bluetooth low-energy devices, like your Bose product. On the device to be paired, enable location service/GPS. This setting varies by device but it’s commonly found in the notifications panel or Settings > General > Location. Then, try to pair the device.

For Android 6+, re-pair the device through the app
For first use on an Android device running Android 6 or newer, the product will need to be paired within the Bose Connect app before it is visible in the app. This is the case even if the device was already paired outside the Bose Connect app via the Android Bluetooth menu. Once done, however, the app will continue to auto-connect the device. For information on pairing, see Connecting mobile devices.

For all Android devices, clear the Bose Connect app cache
If using an Android device, clear the Bose Connect app’s cache. This process varies by device and Android version, but it is typically found by opening the device Settings menu, selecting “Apps” or “Applications”, selecting “Bose Connect” and choosing “Clear cache” and “Clear data”. Note: This will reset all Bose Connect app settings.