Pairing a Bluetooth®-enabled device

Applies to:

if your sounddock® 10 system has never been paired with a bluetooth® device, insert the system's 3-pin plug into a live ac outlet and wait until the bluetooth® light starts flashing. that indicates the bluetooth® dock is in discoverable mode and ready to pair with a device.

Bluetooth® light

note: the dock stays in discoverable mode (up to 30 minutes with first-time use) until you connect your stereo bluetooth® music phone to it

follow these steps to pair with a bluetooth® enabled device:

bring your bluetooth® music device (phone, mp3 player) close to the sounddock 10 system

turn on the bluetooth® feature in your music device. for details on using this feature, refer to the owner's guide for your device

in the list of found bluetooth® devices, find "bose sounddock 10" and select it

If prompted, enter the Bose® SoundDock® 10 system passkey: 0000

when your music device confirms it is connected, the bluetooth® light will stop flashing and remain on

note: you can use the sounddock 10 system remote to control the connected bluetooth® music device.

if your stereo bluetooth® music device loses its connection because it is out of range, the dock will automatically try to reconnect with the device (the bluetooth® light will flash during reconnection). if the sounddock® 10 system cannot restore a connection within five minutes, it will turn off.

Bluetooth® light

To disconnect your device:

on the sounddock 10 system remote press off


use the disconnect command in your bluetooth® device

To reconnect your device:

when your system is off, press any button on the remote except off or aux to turn on the system



the sounddock 10 system will automatically try to connect with the most recently connected bluetooth® device