Understanding the power LED status indicator

New alkaline AA batteries will generally supply at least 45 hours of power for the headset. Battery life varies depending on the ambient noise level of the aircraft, temperature, ear cushion condition, use of the Bluetooth® feature (optional) and age of the batteries. The POWER LED changes colour to indicate the power status, as follows:

Power LED status indicator

Slow flashing green (one flash every two seconds):
Power on using aircraft power

Flashing green (one flash per second):
Power on using battery power. Batteries good

Fast flashing amber (two flashes per second):
Power on using batteries with low power. Eight hours or less remaining

Rapid flashing red (four flashes per second):
Power on using batteries with very low power. Two hours or less remaining

At this battery level, BLUETOOTH is disabled to conserve the remaining power. A tone indicates that your BLUETOOTH device is disconnecting and the BLUETOOTH feature is turning off.

Power off or batteries depleted

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