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Reconnecting a Bluetooth® device that you have already connected

Your product remembers the last several Bluetooth devices it was paired to so that it can quickly and automatically reconnect to them. This is useful if your product connects to a different device when you turn it on, or if you just want to switch to a different device.

Connecting to a previously paired device

  1. Press the Bluetooth/Power button and release to hear which devices are connected.
  2. Within 2 seconds, press the Bluetooth/Power button and release again to hear the name of the next device in the headphone device list.
  3. Repeat until you hear the correct device name. You hear a tone that indicates when the device is connected.
TIP: You can also reconnect a previously-connected device using the Bose app .

NOTE: If two devices are already connected to the headphones, the newly-connected device replaces the older of the two connections.

If you are unable to connect a Bluetooth device, try our troubleshooting suggestions.

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