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Sold from 2019 – present

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Sound lost during online virtual meeting

If you lose audio from your Bose product while using it to make calls with a online virtual meetings app (e.g. Skype, Teams, Zoom, etc.), try the following:

If using a computer for VoIP service or listening to music, try changing the headset's auto-off setting.

When using a computer for VoIP services (i.e. apps with audio or video calling) or music, your product might not receive control commands from the app/computer being used. In this case—and any case where the product doesn't detect interaction—its auto power-down timer keeps counting, even while receiving audio from the VoIP service or music apps. To resolve this, turn off the sleep timer or set it to a longer period of time. For more info, see Enabling or disabling Auto-off mode.
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