Bose Frames Tenor

Sold from 2020 – present

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Turning your product on and off

Find out how to quickly power on your product when you're ready to use it and power it off when it's not in use.

Your Frames ship with a partial charge and may need to wake up before first use

To wake up your Frames, connect the Frames to power for 2 seconds and then disconnect. Try powering on again.

To power your product on or off, follow these steps:

Powering on:

Press the button on the right temple to power the Frames on.

  • The status light blinks white twice then glows according to the Bluetooth® connection status
  • A voice prompt announces the battery level and Bluetooth status

Powering off

  • Press and hold the button until you hear a tone. The status light blinks white twice then fades to black
  • You can also flip the Frames upside down for 2 seconds to power off. The status light blinks white twice then fades to black. You can disable Flip-to-off in the Bose Music app in the Settings menu.
NOTE: After the Frames power off, you can move them in any orientation.

Auto-Off using motion detection

Auto-off conserves the battery when the Frames are not being used. The Frames power off when audio has stopped and you have not moved the Frames for 10 minutes. To power on the Frames, press the button on the right temple.
NOTE: You can disable motion detection in the Bose Music app in the Settings menu.
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