Bose Smart Speaker 500

Sold from 2018 – present

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Serial number location

Serial numbers contain important information about your product, including model number and DOM (Date of Manufacture). The serial number can be found on your product, product packaging or app (if applicable).

Home Speaker serial number location:

The serial number is located on the bottom of the speaker toward the center. It is below the QR code and begins with the number 0.

To view info about your product:

Please note: Some settings and features displayed may vary by product. However, the steps to find your product information are valid.
  1. In the Bose Music app, tap the Settings icon icon in the upper-right corner.
    If a different product is shown, tap the My Bose icon icon in upper-left corner then select the desired product.

  2. Scroll down to and tap Technical Info.

    Details about your product appear.
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