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Replacing the ear cushions

The pads on the earcups of your headphones can be replaced if they wear down over time. Find out how to attach a new set of ear cushions to your headset to ensure the best acoustic seal and comfort.

To remove and replace the ear cushions:

  1. Gently pull the cushions away from the earcups until all tabs release

  2. Grab the scrims at the top edge and gently peel them away from the earcups
    CAUTION: Do not press down on or remove any other components inside the earcups as this could damage the headphones

  3. Insert the new scrims:
    1. On the back of the new scrims, remove the paper backing from the two adhesive strips
    2. Place the scrims inside the earcups in the same position as the originals. Be sure to place the scrim marked R in the right earcup and the scrim marked L in the left earcup
    3. Gently press down over the adhesive strips to secure the scrims
      CAUTION: Do not press on the center of the scrims as this could damage the headphones

  4. Press the edge of the new cushions against the edge of the earcups until you hear and feel a snap. Continue pressing around the entire edge of the earcups until all tabs snap securely into place.

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