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Sold from 2019 – present

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Microphone level is too loud during phone calls

If people have difficulty understanding you, hear a lot of background noise and/or you sound distorted during phone calls when using your Bose product, try the following:

How the microphone works:

The microphone is tuned to pick up typical frequencies of a human voice. Microphone volume is automatically adjusted for softer or louder voices. In environments where a voice is in the background, that voice might be identified as a softer voice and made audible in the phone call.

Talk louder so the audio picked up by the microphone does not inadvertently boost distant sounds.

Talking louder allows the communication microphone to pick up your voice over background voices and/or sounds in the same frequency range. It’s important to note that mobile devices and cell networks may also perform automatic gain adjustments to the communication microphones’ audio path, try another mobile device and see if the far end audio improves.
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