Bose Smart Speaker 500

Sold from 2018 – present

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Muting playback sound when talking to Alexa

By default, audio heard from an Alexa-linked system is not muted when you make a voice request to Alexa. If the Bose system volume is too loud for Alexa to understand you, you can have the Bose system mute when you say "Alexa" by following these instructions.

To mute the audio of an Alexa-linked speakers while talking to Alexa:

Create a Smart Home Group in the Alexa app that includes the Alexa device(s) and the Bose system(s) you want to mute when talking to the grouped Alexa device(s). If you have multiple systems, you can create multiple groups if necessary. To create a group:
  1. Open the Alexa app
  2. Go to Smart Home > Add Group > Smart Home Group
  3. Select the Alexa device(s) and Bose speaker(s) to group. Once grouped:
    • Speakers will only mute if they are part of a Smart Home Group that includes the Alexa device you are talking to. Speakers not in this group will not mute
    • If you have multiple systems, try recommend creating groups for the different zones in the home (i.e. "Basement," "Kitchen," "Upstairs," etc.)
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