Bose Smart Speaker 500

Sold from 2018 – present

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Alexa does not respond to Action button or wake-up word

If you say "Alexa" or tap the Action button to make a voice request to the Amazon Alexa voice assistant but the product does not light up or respond to the wake word, try the following:

Be sure the product's listening feature is turned on.

If the LED underneath your product's microphone icon is red, the microphones are disabled, and the product will not listen to voice commands. To allow voice commands, enable the microphone. For more info, see Muting or un-muting the voice assistant microphone.

Remove and re-add Alexa in the Bose app.

Open the Bose app icon and remove Alexa. Then, re-add the same Alexa account. This re-links Alexa to your Bose account and can correct any issues that may have occurred between the two accounts. For more info, see Adding or removing the Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

Determine if the Alexa account is already linked to another Bose account.

An Amazon account can only be linked to one Bose account at a time. If the Amazon account linked to your Bose account is also linked to another Bose account, you might experience errors with Alexa or be unable to add the Amazon account to your Bose account.

If you have created more than one Bose account—or if you have shared your Amazon account with others—check any other Bose accounts that you or others have and remove the Amazon account from any Bose accounts other than your main account.

If you want to share an Amazon account with users on your network (i.e. family members with separate Bose accounts but a shared Amazon account), have one user add the Amazon account and Bose products to their Bose account. Then, share the Bose products so other users on the network can use them. For more info, see Turning product sharing on or off.

Reset your product.

Much like rebooting a smartphone, your product might need to be reset on occasion to correct minor issues. For more info, see Resetting your product.

Restore the system to its factory defaults and restart the set up process.

For more info, see Resetting your product.
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