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Understanding LED indicator status lights and information

Find out what the LED indicator light on your product tells you about the status of your product.

LED status lights

Earbud status lights

Earbuds battery status lights:

  • Slowly pulsing white - Charging
  • Solid white - Fully charged
  • Slowly pulsing red - Needs to charge
  • Blinks red and white - Error, contact Bose customer service

Earbuds Bluetooth status lights:
  • Slowly pulses blue - Ready to connect
  • Blinks blue - Connecting
  • Solid blue - Connected

Charging Case status lights

The charging case status lights glow accordingly:




1 power LED lit

0-20% battery charge

2 power LEDs lit

21-40% battery charge

3 power LEDs lit

41%-60% battery charge

4 power LEDs lit

61-80% battery charge

5 power LEDs lit

81-100% battery charge

When the case is charging, the last light blinks according to the current battery level. When it is fully charged, all five charging case status lights glow solid white.

Update and error status

Updating earbuds - The charging case status lights blink sequentially, starting with the first light on the left.
Charging error - Three lights glow solid on the charging case - contact Bose customer service

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