Bose Smart Speaker 500

Sold from 2018 – present

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Setting and using presets

Get help storing and changing presets using the app or using the buttons on your system.

Some things to know about presets:

  • Presets are stored to individual products. If you have multiple products, each can have unique presets
  • If you ask a voice assistant to play a music service, that service cannot be set as a preset since it is accessed through the voice assistant. Instead, add the service to the Bose Music app (if available), then you can store the service as a preset
  • If a product is shared with multiple Bose Music accounts, shared account users can change the product presets
  • If a shared user presets a music service with their paid subscription, other users who don't have that paid subscription can access the preset. However, if the user with the subscription removes the product from their Bose Music account, shared users will no longer have access to that preset

How do you want to store the preset?

Using the buttons on the product

Using the Bose app

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