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Humming, buzzing or rattling noise heard from product

If you hear a clicking, whirring, vibrating or other unusual sound coming from your product, try the following:

Determine if the noise is the cooling fan at the rear of the amplifier.

It is normal to hear a slight, constant whirring sound if you are close to the amplifier. This is the cooling fan, which might be noticeable in quiet environments. The noise from the fan might increase when the amplifier is playing at a high volume level as it works to keep the internal components cool. The operation of the fan is automatic and cannot be disabled.

Determine if the noise is coming from the bass module.

Power off your system and unplug the bass module. Then, power on your system and check if the issue still occurs. If not, see Popping or crackling sound from wireless bass module.

What type of noise is heard?

A rattling sound

A humming or buzzing noise

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