Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones

Sold from 2023 – present

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Using the buttons and touch controls

Your headphones include both touch control and physical buttons. Use touch control by swiping or tapping the touch surface of the headphones. With touch control, you can play or pause audio, skip forward or backwards, change the volume, and perform basic call functions. Buttons have default functionality such as noise cancellation levels and voice assistant, but can also be customized in the Bose app.

Headphone controls

The Multi-function button controls media playback. The volume strip controls the volume.

Media playback and volume 

Function Headphones operation
Play or pause Press the Multi-function button 
Skip forward Double-press the Multi-function button
Skip backward Triple-press the Multi-function button
Volume up Swipe up on the volume strip
Volume down Swipe down on the volume strip

Phone calls

The Multi-function button controls phone calls. There are four microphones for phone calls on the headphones — two on the left earcup and two on the right earcup.
Function Headphones operation
Answer or end a call Press the Multi-function button
End/Decline an incoming call Double-press the Multi-function button
Answer second call and place the current call on hold While on a call and a second incoming call is ringing, press the Multi-function button
Decline a second call and stay on the current call While on a call and a second incoming call is ringing, double-press the Multi-function button
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