Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones

Sold from 2023 – present

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Customizing the touch control shortcut

You can customize a shortcut for the tap and hold action on the headphones to perform one of two functions.

Using shortcuts

A shortcut enables you to quickly and easily access one of the following functions:
  • Cycle through immersive audio settings
  • Access Spotify
  • Use your mobile device voice control
  • Access battery level

Enabling your shortcut

  • To enable your shortcut, use the Bose app icon. You can access this option from the main screen.

Using your shortcut

  • Touch and hold the volume strip

Changing or disabling your shortcut

  • To change or disable your shortcut, use the Bose app icon. To access this option, tap shortcut on the main screen

Mobile Device voice control

You can set a shortcut to access your mobile device voice control using the headphones. The microphones on the headphones act as an extension of the microphone on your mobile device. NOTE: You cannot access voice control while on a call.
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