Bose Smart Speaker 500

Sold from 2018 – present

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Using Recovery mode

Your product has a Recovery mode, which can help in cases where it becomes unresponsive. This process should only be used to restore operation of a speaker or amplifier that has become inoperable during or immediately following an update. System settings may be lost during this process.

IMPORTANT: This process should not be used if the speaker was just restored to its factory default settings. Restoring the speaker to its factory settings removes any stored Wi-Fi network credentials which are needed for the Recovery mode to complete.

To enter Recovery mode:

  1. Disconnect the speaker from power and wait 30 seconds
  2. Reconnect the speaker to power
  3. When the light bar illuminates, follow the steps below within ten seconds:
    Tip: Do not rapidly alternate button presses. Wait one second between presses
    1. On the speaker, tap the Action button once
    2. Tap the Microphone Off button once
    3. Tap the Action button a second time
    4. Tap the Microphone Off button a second time.

Things to know about this process

  • The light bar will blink green to indicate the speaker has entered recovery mode. The speaker will then try to download and install the latest update. The light bar scrolls white from left to right while downloading and then from right to left while installing. This can take several minutes (often around 20 minutes). When the light bar turns off, turn on the speaker, open the Bose Music app and add the speaker to your account
  • If the light bar does not blink green after the four button presses, restart the process and continue alternate taps of the Action and Microphone Off buttons for 30 seconds
  • If the speaker has not previously connected to your Wi-Fi network, follow the steps above, then try connecting to Wi-Fi using the alternate method. For more info, see Connecting to a Wi-Fi network
  • If a red light bar appears, the speaker needs service
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