Bose Smart Speaker 500

Sold from 2018 – present

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Music playback isn't gapless

Gapless playback is intended to provide a seamless listening experience when there is transition between songs. In certain situations, a gap or brief moment of no audio may occur between tracks. Review the information below to determine whether gapless playback is supported for your listening experience.

Speakers and systems compatible with the Bose Music app support gapless playback.

Currently, only the Spotify streaming music service is able to provide gapless playback through the Bose Music app.

If streaming music playback is gapless when using the app of the streaming music service, you may be able to connect a device running that app to your system with one of the following methods:
  • A Bluetooth connection can be made between a device running the steaming music app and the Bose system. For more information, see Connecting a Bluetooth device
  • This Bose system is AirPlay compatible. With your Apple device connected to the same network as the system, begin playback in the streaming music app, tap the AirPlay icon (which may be located on different screen) then select the name of your Bose system. For more information, see Using AirPlay with your Bose speaker

Audio track transitions are not gapless when grouping a Bluetooth device using SimpleSync.

When using SimpleSync to group a Bluetooth speaker or headphones with a Bose Music app compatible product, you will not experience the seamless transition between tracks on both devices. A future product update is under development to allow for gapless playback when grouping speakers and/or headphones.
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