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Immersive Audio Settings

Immersive audio takes what you’re hearing out of your head and places it in front of you—like you’re always in the sound’s sweet spot. It feels like the audio is coming from outside the headphones, resulting in a more lifelike experience. Immersive audio works on any streaming content from any source, taking your audio to new heights with better sound clarity and richer sound quality.

Using Immersive Audio

To enable one of the two Immersive Audio modes, open the Bose Music app, select your headphones then select Immersive Audio.
QC Ultra Earbuds main page

The default setting is Off. Select the Still mode if your staying in place. Select the Motion mode if you are moving around your environment.
Off mode selected Still mode selected Motion mode selected

The user can hear a demonstration of the different modes by selecting a mode then tapping on the Try the demo link.
Immersive audio introduction Still mode demo screen
Setting Description When to use
Off Traditional stereo audio that sounds like it's coming from your headphones. Use when you want a traditional listening experience or want to conserve battery life.
Still Audio sounds like it's coming from two stereo speakers in front of you that remain in its position when you move your head.
A few seconds after you stop moving your head, the speakers re-center to where you are facing.
Use for the most realistic and powerful experience. Best used when you are stationary.
Motion Audio sounds like it's coming from two stereo speakers in front of you that follow your head movements.
To access this option, use the Bose Music app. Tap Modes on the main screen.
Use for the more consistent experience. Best used when you' re doing activities that require you to frequently turn your head or look down.
Note: When you make or receive a phone call, immersive audio is temporarily set to "Off."

You can change the Immersive Audio mode by enabling the Modes feature or using a shortcut to cycle through the modes. Immersive Audio and the changing of modes is not functional when paired to a Bose speaker using SimpleSync.
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