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Sold from 2023 – present

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Enabling the Bose app Widget on Android

The Bose app widget allows you to quickly view product information like battery level and software version as well as change settings like modes.

Adding the widget to your home screen

Ensure your Bose app is updated to version 10.1.6 or higher.
Note: If you are using a Motorola Razr+, the widget can be displayed on the front screen, however, you MUST reboot your phone after installing/updating the Bose app before continuing the following steps.
  1. On the Home screen of your Android device, touch and hold an empty space.
  2. Tap Widgets.
  3. You’ll find a list of widgets for apps installed on your phone. Locate the Bose heading, then touch and hold the widget. Drag the widget to where you want it and lift your finger.
  4. Open the Bose app and reconnect your product.
  5. Now the widget will show relevant information for your product. Make sure to leave the Bose app running in the background (do not force-close it).
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