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Alexa, how can you make my Bose products even better?

New technologies are constantly introducing new ways to interact with the world around us. Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa help make your everyday routine even easier. Amazon Alexa is found in a variety of products, enabling your voice to control products like your headphones, speakers, TV, thermostats, lights and even your car.

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How does Alexa work?

Currently, Amazon Alexa works with QC35 II, Headphones 700, Home Speaker 300, Smart Speaker 500, Portable Smart Speaker, Smart Soundbar 300, Soundbar 500 and Smart Soundbar 700. Learn how to set up Amazon Alexa for smart speakers, Headphones 700 and QC35 headphones II.

Once you’ve got it set up, Alexa can make your everyday life easier and more productive. Just say “Alexa” to engage with your personal voice assistant. Not sure where to start? Read on to explore the world of Alexa with Bose smart speakers and headphones.

“Alexa, play ’90s pop.”

Control your music

Let’s say you’re making dinner after a long day at work and you’d like a little music to help you relax. Without missing a beat (or a slice or a stir) you can simply say out loud: “Alexa, play my after-work playlist” and your Bose Smart Speaker 500 comes to life, connects to your favourite music service, and suddenly fills the kitchen with music.

It’s really that simple – your voice is the ultimate remote control. You can ask Alexa to play your favourite artist, genre, internet radio station, podcast or playlist. Also, to go to the next track, turn up the volume, and more. It makes listening to music so easy you might find what a lot of other people have found – you’re listening to more music than ever before.

“Alexa, call mum.”

Call mum

Can’t find your phone but could really use some serious mum talk right now? Whether it’s to ask for a recipe or just to chat, simply ask Alexa to call her for you. Our most recent software update introduces a call feature so you can make calls directly to Bose smart products, Amazon Echo products, and anyone in your contacts list from your speaker or soundbar.* No phone. No hands. No charge. It’s like a walkie-talkie but so much better. 

And say mum beat you to the punch. You can also answer calls on your speaker or soundbar. Simply say, “Alexa, answer”, and let mum tell you just how great you are.

*To call products, both parties must set up this feature and be on Wi-Fi.

“Alexa, do I need an umbrella today?”

Prepare for the day ahead

We’ve all been there: you’re late for work and trying to decide what to wear and what you need to pack for the day ahead. With your Alexa-enabled Bose smart speaker, just say “Alexa, what’s the weather like?” You’ll get an answer almost faster than you can look out the window. Want to make sure you know the hot news topics for the day or the score of last night’s game? Ask Alexa. It’s these everyday tasks that make Alexa so helpful.

Alexa isn’t all business though. She’s also a lot of fun. You can ask for a joke or play games like Jeopardy. Any parent will tell you that Alexa can also be a lifesaver. She has answers to the dozens of questions your kids ask you every day. What’s the biggest river? How many moons does Saturn have? Are lions really cats? Why is the sky blue? If you don’t know, you don’t need to fake it – just ask Alexa. Alexa can also help the whole family unwind after a crazy day by reading an audio book or playing an interesting podcast. Cuddle up on the couch and let Alexa do the work.

“Alexa, what’s on my calendar for tomorrow?”

Stay on schedule

Want to check on what you’re cooking in the oven in 10 minutes? Just say, “Alexa, set a timer for 10 minutes.” Have an early meeting tomorrow morning? Just say, “Alexa, set an alarm for 6:00 a.m.” Alexa makes simple daily tasks like this even easier. Just think, you’ll never need to write out a shopping list or get out your phone or computer to check if your favourite restaurant is still open. It may sound simple, but it’s the simple things that Alexa can do for you that can really simplify your day.

You can find Alexa in our Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, QC35 II wireless headphones, and our family of smart speakers and soundbars. Software updates will continually increase Alexa features as they become available, like more language options and more music services. With Alexa, getting the most out of your Bose products is easier than ever. And who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Amazon Alexa-enabled Bose products

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How do Bose products work with Alexa?

Many Bose products have a feature that allows users to access Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, through their Bose device.

What Bose devices are compatible with Alexa?

Most Bose smart speakers and soundbars are compatible with Alexa. Be sure to check specific product information for Alexa compatibility.

What can I do with Alexa on my Bose device?

With Alexa on your Bose device, you can control your music playback, check the weather, set reminders and more, all with your voice.

What languages is Alexa available in on Bose devices?

Alexa is available in a variety of languages, depending on the region.

Can I use Alexa to make phone calls on my Bose device?

Yes. You can use Alexa on Bose devices equipped with voice assistant capabilities to make hands-free phone calls.